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Expert Color MED 3201


Kolejna ciekawa karta z mojej kolekcji Expert Color Med 3201 przeznaczona na złącze ISA plug&play oparta na chipsecie AMD InterWave AM78C200. Wyposażona w syntezę wavetable bibliotekę  1 mb rom z próbkami dźwiękowymi .

Expert Color MED 3201

Specyfikacja karty:


MED 3201

  • 3D Surround, Wavetable Surround Solution
    The MED3201 is a Windows 95 Plug n Play compatible, Full Duplex, 3D surround Capabilities and 32-voice Wavetable compatible card. It includes on-board 3D audio processing which will let you experience a fuller, more substantial stereo field. With all its features, it delevers very impressive sound quality for those involved in multi-media authoring, high-end audio works besides business presentations, games and entertainment.
  • Windows 95 Plug n Play, Fieldsum 3D surround capabilities, 32-voice General MIDI CD quality Wavetable Sound.
  • Design based on AMD InterWave AM78C200 Audio Chipset.
  • 1MB ROm Wavetable Sound Library set to provide 128 standard instrument sets and 54 drum sets.
  • Full Duplex function to allow communication over Internet Phone and simultaneous playback and recording of PC audio
  • Right and left channel panning, balance and variable volume level control for indivudual inputs and mixed output.
  • Compatible with all Windows 95 Direct Sound applications.



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